Pay It Forward Charleston

Our Mission

Pay it Forward Charleston provides emergency assistance to Charleston food & beverage members in need due to unforeseen circumstances.

Criteria for the fund is currently under development (but the plan is to include emergency grants due to natural disasters, personal health conditions etc. and funds are expected to be used outside of COVID-19 response initiatives).

501(C)(3) status: We are currently applying for our official status. In the meantime all donations made now will continue to be held in a separate account managed by Feed the Need Charleston- an already established 501(C)(3).

Our Future

Beginning May 15th, 2020 Pay it Forward Charleston will enter into its new phase of fundraising and all donations made will be used to seed the proposed 501(C)(3). We invite you to make a donation now knowing your funds will be used to help seed this new initiative and allow us to immediately begin to offer grants to those in need.

Our origin story

Forged By Michael Shemtov + Team Butcher and Bee

Pay it Forward Charleston was originally started as a collaboration of farmers, restaurants and community members united in an effort to feed F&B workers in need during the COVID-19 crisis. With every $10 donated, a Charleston F&B community received a grocery bag filled with goods purchased at a discounted rate from local farmers. Each donation helped to support farmers who were hurting in the wake of Covid-19 and put food on the plates of F&B community members that were out of work.

As of May 15th, 2020 we reached our original fundraising goal and had enough money to continue to provide this service through mid-June.

In total our team (in collaboration with Feed the Need Charleston) will have delivered 6,000+ bags of groceries to out-of-work F&B members from mid-March through mid-June.


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